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Our Vision

Moving forward is always a result of looking back on past experiences including failures & successes, then with that experience in mind, making an informed decision on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Mark White, Director, started this journey in 1994 alone with a vision to make enough money to provide for his family.

As the journey has continued, so the faith for the vision has also grown.

“I remember employing my first employee through a government subsidy scheme where we had to pay $5 an hour. I remember the intensity of the decision & my wife & I were seriously wondering whether or not we could afford to pay him. Those decisions seem funny looking back with the hindsight of experience but that’s it, without the experience how can you make sensible decisions.

We have been on the journey now for some years, we have had our share of failures and we have had some massive sucesses. Through that experience I am convinced that we are in a stronger position than ever to move forward into the opportunites that come our way.” - Mark White, Director.

Through it all we believe our values have had a massive effect on how we behave in business. Not all business is good business and what you believe has to be at the very core of how you do business.


MABEL summarises our goals & strategies while at the same time providing us all with a framework to work from.

  • M

    Moral integrity / honesty

  • A

    Aim for excellence

  • B

    Bottom line

  • E

    Enjoy the process

  • L

    Light to those around us

Pro Active Telecommunications has a strong focus on the family and believes that strong healthy families create strong healthy communities. Moral values are esteemed highly within the company believing that integrity is one of the building blocks of good business.

So the vision for the future has to have its foundation based on the values of the company with a vision of abundance. Not doing just enough to survive but to thrive. To thrive financially, emotionally, physically & spirtually.


Pro Active mission is to be the most customer and employee focused business in the market that we serve. This has resulted in extraordinary financial and commercial success with continual growth since inception. Today, we believe Pro Active’s customer satisfaction ratings are amongst New Zealand’s highest in the telecommunications industry.


Pro Active Telecommunications business strategy is built around people – our customers, employees, and partners. Our customer satisfaction is the result of an intentionality in how we fulfil each request and a dedication to supporting our customers at every point of contact.


It is a pleasure to deal with the entire Pro-Active team!! Everyone is so helpful. It gives us piece of mind knowing that we can rely on your competent service... – Rochelle Turner, Administration Manager, Savings & Loans.