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cloud based ip telephony

Why consider a VoIP PBX cloud solution vs a traditional PABX? Pro Active Telecommunications can talk through the pros and cons of both options to determine which is right for your business. A cloud phone system (where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a provider that maintains the equipment at an off-site data centre) provides a number of benefits to help meet the needs of your organisation and ensure you get the greatest value for your investment.

Pro Active will talk through the various options IP telephony provide, but the first consideration discussed are the reduced upfront setup costs. On-site VoIP tends to have higher setup costs, but above a certain threshold it becomes more cost effective to purchase your own equipment than to pay the monthly fees typically associated with a cloud based VoIP service – Pro Active will provide advice based upon your unique environment, based on over 20 years of industry experience.

Other considerations Pro Active will talk through with you include your current technology infrastructure. If using legacy systems to connect your phones to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), you could see cost savings switching to a VoIP trunk or by using a hosted IP solution. Scalability is another such consideration. If your business has the potential for rapid growth over the next 12 months, Pro Active can talk through the different options you have available. Making the right VoIP choice will enable your business to expand without setbacks, catering to remote office phone solutions that peer with on-site servers.

Why not talk to the Pro Active Telecommunication’s team today to discuss the best options for your business.

...you have provided a quality and responsive service that have met all of our business requirements... Additionally you have always endeavoured to keep us informed of the latest industry information and provided creative solutions to our problems... – Sean Mills Regional Manager – GSDS Infrastructure New Zealand. ANZ.

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No matter what size your business, your telecommunication needs are unique. Our team of qualified specialists will work closely with you to ensure the best solution for your business. Every job is customised specifically to ensure the best possible outcomes and can be modified as job requirements dictate. As technology swings more to the cloud and IP network based solutions, a robust cabling infrastructure provides a solid foundation for any successful solution. Pro Active Telecommunications ensures you’ll have the most future proof outcome possible.